Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Trunk Show of the New Year!

Hello Everyone!
We would like to invite you to a trunkshow,
featuring Lafont Eyewear!
5126 Butler Street Pittsburgh PA 15201
Friday January 7th 4-8pm
Saturday January 8th 11-3pm
Be the first to see the latest spring fashions!
Refreshments will be provided!
We look forward to seeing you :]

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We would like to introduce our newest stylish collection from france! These beautiful frames feature laser etching and fabulous color combos! Different styles including round, square and even some adorable cat eyes! Be prepared for some major compliments in these fresh frames!
More photos coming soon, check back often!

Friday, August 27, 2010

NEW FRAMES: Just in time for fall!

Meet "Jamaique", the newest beautiful pair of sunglasses in our family!
And you will have a heck of a time deciding between the
two available colors "Decision" comes in!

Last but certainly not least, here is "Jupiter" available in three colors!
Stop into the store today to check out these and our many other beautiful frames!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We are delighted to be Pittsburgh's "best eye for fashion"! If you havent heard yet, we are featured in Pittsburgh Magazine's September issue! Stop in the store to check out the magazine!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Our hours have changed!

This week we welcomed the newest member of our team, Emma! We will now be open Wednesday through Saturday from 11-6 and always available Sundays by appointment! Stop down to say hello to Emma and check out our newest collection from Claire Goldsmith. Many changes will be happening in the coming months, including bringing on a doctor to take care of all your eyecare needs. We will be accepting most insurances plans and still offering the sweetest european eyewear in Pittsburgh!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lafont Trunk Show, TODAY!

Come see us tonight, located at 5126 Butler Street in Lawrenceville, our first annual Bastille Day trunk show featuring Lafont Eyewear collection. Come this evening from 5-8 and sip French champagne and sample delicious cheese while trying on tons of beautiful frames hand-made in Paris, France! The fun continues tomorrow from 11-4pm. We hope to see you soon!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bastille Day/Lafont Trunk Show!

Come celebrate Bastille Day! The French national holiday; Fête de la Fédération!! In celebration of Bastille Day, we are hosting our first annual French trunk show featuring Lafont. Lafont eyewear is hand-made from exquisite materials and superior craftsmanship in Paris France.

During the Lafont Trunks Show, representative Melodie Annis will be at Eye Candy with every frame currently made by Lafont. You will have this once a year opportunity to see this beautiful collection in it's entirety. Every frame, every color and size. All at your finger tips. Not only that, but you will receive personal service as Melodie helps you select the perfect pair ( or two ) of eye wear for you. Lafont collection features Men's, Women's, Children's and Sunwear.

Join us Friday, July 16th from 5pm-8pm for the opening night cocktail reception (mmm... Champagne and French cheese) and Saturday, July 17th from 11am-4pm for an all day celebration.

We hope to see you there!

au revoir!

Monica and Katie

Please remember that Eye Candy is always available by appointment and for "at home" service. Want to have an "eyewear party"? At the shop or at your home, contact us at for more information!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Legacy ...

Calling all hipsters, trend setters and all lovers of eyewear. Let me introduce you to the newest "must-have" in frames to hit the Pittsburgh market, Claire Goldsmith. Following the dreams of her grandfather, Oliver Goldsmith (remember those fabulous sunglasses we sell that are original designs from the 1930's-1960's?)Claire Goldsmith takes high fashion to a whole new level. With translucent zyl, three barrel hinges for strength and a retro inspired flare, these frames are what you have been waiting for and in this case, bigger is better!
Available for men and women, Claire Goldsmith Legacy collection comes in a variety of interesting colors. Greys, blues, pinks and purples. You have to come check them out! (mine will be ready next week!! Can't wait!)
Store hours:
Sunday 11-3
Wednesday 1-6
Thursday 11-5:30 (May and June we have to close at 5:30, sorry)
Friday 9-2
Saturday 11-6
Always available by appointment. Email me for more info!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the "Fix"

Last night I (Katie) was at a small dinner party. I was in the kitchen talking to one of the ladies and she mentioned how her glasses were bent and uncomfortable and how she just couldn't see well out of them. I took a closer look and realized they were crooked. I then went on to tell her how I am an optician of 11 years and if she gave me a quick second I could put them back into shape. She couldn't believe it. I reached into my hand bag and pulled out my optical screwdriver (yeah, I carry that with me at all times, so if you see me at the grocery store or on the streets, yes, I can fix your specs) and went to work. In about thirty seconds her glasses were as good as new. Straight and aligned. Tightened and she could actually see! I mean, what is the point if you can't see? She then threw her arms up and rejoiced which then was followed by a big hug. Did I mention that I just met her last night for the first time? So a hug was a pretty big deal. It was right then when I remembered, yet again, how much I love this industry. To be able to make someone, even someone you just met or barely know, so happy with just a tighten of a screw and a bend of an end piece. So, with that said, please stop in Eye Candy and see me, let me adjust your glasses (at no charge of course) so you can see out of them. Or if you run into me at the grocery store, stop me and say "hi". I'll even adjust them for you in the produce department! I hope to see you soon.

Remember our NEW store hours:
Sunday 11-3
Wednesday 1-6
Thursday 11-6
Friday 9-2
Saturday 11-6
always available by appointment

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New store hours!

Sunday fun-day! We are happy to announce that we are now OPEN on Sundays from 11am-3pm. Sunday's are the perfect day to stroll, shop and eat in Lawrenceville. Now you can also stop at Eye Candy and select a pair (or two) of beautiful hand-made frames. Not many optical shops are open on Sunday's, but we are! We hope to see you soon!

Sunday 11-3
Wednesday 1-6
Thursday 11-6
Friday 9-2
Saturday 11-6

always available by appointment! email us to set up a time!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Arrivals...

Last weekend we were at Vision Expo East, the optical convention of the season hosted at New York City's Jacob Javitz convention center. It's HUGE! Every frame line to lens manufacturer to lab equipment company shows there. If it's new, it's there! For someone like me who lives and breaths optical fashion, it is an absolute paradise! We walked miles and rows of frame vendors and designers searching for the perfect fit for Eye Candy. As if the Javitz isn't big enough, there is also a loft a couple of blocks away that is super private and holds some of the most cutting edge in hand-made fashion eyewear ever. We definitely found what we were looking for! So what's hot this season you ask? Well, you are going to have to stop in Eye Candy and see for your self, but I can let you in on a couple little industry secrets. BIG and beautiful, translucent fresh colors, layers of acetate and throw-back designs are just a few. Stop in Eye Candy and see what's arriving daily!
While at the show we also saw Pittsburgh's own and most innovative lens and frame company, Eyenovate. They had a very large booth and I was lucky to get a picture with one of the company's lens professionals.
Eye Candy's hours:
Wednesday 1-6
Thursday 11-6
Friday 9-2
Saturday 11-6
We are always available by appointment! Email us to schedule an appointment.
Longer hours coming soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Show bound!

Twice a year every optician, lab tech, Optometrist, Opthamologist, frame buyer and any Eye Care professional that gets "super excited" about the industry heads to Vision Expo International. Myself, coming from years of traveling to find the best eye wear in the world, is so excited to be heading to New York City to find the best of the best in frames, lens' and equipment technology.

International Vision Expo East is the pre-eminent fashion and medical eye care event where eye care professionals in the Americas gather to experience the energy and international style unique to New York. The expansive show floor and comprehensive education provide the best opportunity to discover the latest trends in eye wear and advances in eye care technology and business practices. All disciplines in the ophthalmic community enjoy a welcoming and valuable networking experience which delivers professional growth and business success.

Next weekend, Monica and I will be scouring the Jacob Javits Center for the best frames and lenses to bring back to Pittsburgh. Everything from Buffalo Horn high-end to funky colors made out of the newest frame materials, to lenses that have the most advanced technology (did someone say 3-d?) to magnetic frames that are made in our very own backyard, we will find it! Have special requests? Looking for something you haven't found yet? Please let us know and if it's out there we will find it for you!

Email me at and tell me what you think. Again, the show is next weekend and I am dying to find you the perfect look!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eyewear Design Company

Marseilles France sets the scene for the birth of Eye'DC's upmarket leading-edge optical and sunglass collections, "Made in France". The three French designers put their boundless imaginations to work on creating collections starring humor, innovation and technology. With eight Silmo awards (only like, the best awards given for the best eyewear designers in the world)and sold in only 2500 up-scale optical boutiques world-wide, this avant-garde French eyewear is designed to be original and completely unique.
In my words: "I have never seen anything like it!" Eye Candy is proud to be the first optical boutique in the Pittsburgh area to be carrying this fabulous line! Eye'DC features cutting edge technology and designs that are full throttle fashion. Acetate plastics, rich in colour. Flat sheet stainless steel, flexible and strong. Even... rubber-bands! You'll have to stop in to see for yourself. Available for men and women. Be the first get your face in this truly fashionable and technologically irresistible eyewear line; Eye'DC!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Are you enjoying "safe sun"?

Did you know that millions of Americans every year suffer from UV damage eye disease? When we go outside in the summer we are concerned with our skin, lather up with sunscreen and go. Did you know in the winter UV rays can be even more damaging due to the light bouncing off of the snow? In the winter, our skin is covered up with our layers of clothing, leaving our eyes exposed to harmful UV rays. As an optician for 10 years, I can tell you that sunglasses work best when in bright sunlight. Wrapped frames, high fashion frames and polarized lenses. But, in the winter, when the sun isn't always out and we aren't spending a lot of time outside, we tend to forget about our eyes being protected. So let me introduce to you Photochromic lenses, known by the more popular house brand, Transitions. We've all seen the commercials, "right in every light". I for one would like to say that is film trickery, however, it is not. An avid Transition wearer, I can say " I love them!". How does it work? Transitions are triggered by UV rays. The more UV they are exposed to the darker they get. This easy; if you go outside, within 30 seconds they are dark. Go inside and within 1 minute they are clear. It's that easy. The best part, in the winter when it's cold, Transitions get darker in the lower temperatures. Because the function of these lenses are "temperature dependent" they get completely dark on cold sunny days. And because the lens has been on the market since the 1960's, all the cons are simply worked out. No more darkening inside, no more darkening in photo flash lights. The best part ( I think I already said that ) they are so convenient! In and out of stores. In and out of cars. They just change for you. So you don't' have to. Plus, who doesn't like the neatest technology in their lenses?!
Stop in Eye Candy and I will show you all the benefits Transition Lenses have to offer!
Wednesday 1-6 Thursday 11-6 Friday 9-2 and Saturday 11-6 always available by appointment! Email me at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

pour les enfants...

Who says kids can't have beautiful eyewear? At Eye Candy not only do we specialize in Men's and women's frames hand-made in Europe, but we also feature kids frames made with the strongest materials and design in mind. Lafont, hand-made in Paris, creates a superior kids line for kids 6 months old up to the trendy teeny-boppers at age 12. Made from Stainless steel for strength and acetate for rich colour, Lafont Kids are truly unique for your little one.
Lafont is an independent line from Paris, created in 1923. Lafont holds design above everything else and with over 200 colours this rich collection is sure to offer you the most beautiful eyewear that ever sat on your nose.