Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eyewear Design Company

Marseilles France sets the scene for the birth of Eye'DC's upmarket leading-edge optical and sunglass collections, "Made in France". The three French designers put their boundless imaginations to work on creating collections starring humor, innovation and technology. With eight Silmo awards (only like, the best awards given for the best eyewear designers in the world)and sold in only 2500 up-scale optical boutiques world-wide, this avant-garde French eyewear is designed to be original and completely unique.
In my words: "I have never seen anything like it!" Eye Candy is proud to be the first optical boutique in the Pittsburgh area to be carrying this fabulous line! Eye'DC features cutting edge technology and designs that are full throttle fashion. Acetate plastics, rich in colour. Flat sheet stainless steel, flexible and strong. Even... rubber-bands! You'll have to stop in to see for yourself. Available for men and women. Be the first get your face in this truly fashionable and technologically irresistible eyewear line; Eye'DC!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Are you enjoying "safe sun"?

Did you know that millions of Americans every year suffer from UV damage eye disease? When we go outside in the summer we are concerned with our skin, lather up with sunscreen and go. Did you know in the winter UV rays can be even more damaging due to the light bouncing off of the snow? In the winter, our skin is covered up with our layers of clothing, leaving our eyes exposed to harmful UV rays. As an optician for 10 years, I can tell you that sunglasses work best when in bright sunlight. Wrapped frames, high fashion frames and polarized lenses. But, in the winter, when the sun isn't always out and we aren't spending a lot of time outside, we tend to forget about our eyes being protected. So let me introduce to you Photochromic lenses, known by the more popular house brand, Transitions. We've all seen the commercials, "right in every light". I for one would like to say that is film trickery, however, it is not. An avid Transition wearer, I can say " I love them!". How does it work? Transitions are triggered by UV rays. The more UV they are exposed to the darker they get. This easy; if you go outside, within 30 seconds they are dark. Go inside and within 1 minute they are clear. It's that easy. The best part, in the winter when it's cold, Transitions get darker in the lower temperatures. Because the function of these lenses are "temperature dependent" they get completely dark on cold sunny days. And because the lens has been on the market since the 1960's, all the cons are simply worked out. No more darkening inside, no more darkening in photo flash lights. The best part ( I think I already said that ) they are so convenient! In and out of stores. In and out of cars. They just change for you. So you don't' have to. Plus, who doesn't like the neatest technology in their lenses?!
Stop in Eye Candy and I will show you all the benefits Transition Lenses have to offer!
Wednesday 1-6 Thursday 11-6 Friday 9-2 and Saturday 11-6 always available by appointment! Email me at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

pour les enfants...

Who says kids can't have beautiful eyewear? At Eye Candy not only do we specialize in Men's and women's frames hand-made in Europe, but we also feature kids frames made with the strongest materials and design in mind. Lafont, hand-made in Paris, creates a superior kids line for kids 6 months old up to the trendy teeny-boppers at age 12. Made from Stainless steel for strength and acetate for rich colour, Lafont Kids are truly unique for your little one.
Lafont is an independent line from Paris, created in 1923. Lafont holds design above everything else and with over 200 colours this rich collection is sure to offer you the most beautiful eyewear that ever sat on your nose.