Friday, November 20, 2009

"SunSpecs" Sunglasses have arrived...

Think 20th Century icons. Grace Kelly, Michael Caine, Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon. Think iconic style makers. Givenchy, Dior, Vidal Sassoon. Think iconic films of the Fifties and Sixties. The Ipcress File, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Two for the Road. They’ve all got one thing in common:

Oliver Goldsmith.

Now available at Eye Candy, Oliver Goldsmith is much more than just Sunglasses, they are SunSpecs! Set out to transform the way that glasses were both designed and made, Oliver Goldsmith designed glasses that were made to be sunglasses. Large, over sized and totally Hollywood; and at Eye Candy we can even put your prescription in them. Giving the result of high-glam that are also highly functional.

Oliver Goldsmith were the first to see glasses as fashion accessories; the first to make SunSpecs; the first to make ‘winter sunglasses’ and the first to work alongside fashion houses to create one-off pieces for the catwalks.

Stop in Eye Candy and see what Vogue magazine rants and raves about. Get fitted and walk with pure style, SunSpec style.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

100% boredom-free...

In a time where most of the "trendy" people are fashion victims, wearing clothes, accessories and eyewear "designed" by a few big labels, it is almost impossible to find real originality and independence.

The company grotesque frame was founded to change that. Each style is a statement for uniqueness and originality. You can find the models only in the best optical shops worldwide.
Eye Candy being one of them! Eye Candy is proud to introduce Grotesque Frame! Hand made in Germany, grotesque frame is a combination of nice details, shiny colours and great workmanship for everybody that wants to underline his personality. Made from the finest materials, all models are made in small quantities, for individuals, not for the masses.

Why has the name "grotesque frame" been chosen? "We wanted to have a name that stands out of the mudd of boring names in the eyewear business. "grotesque" means different, funny, bizarre, original, interesting. If you don't see the sense of the word, you don't have any humour at all" say the founders.

Stop in Eye Candy or give us a call at 412-408-3415 and experience these one of a kind frames!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you know your optician?

We are officially open and loving it! Located at 5126 Butler Street in Lawrenceville, Eye Candy is already a success. With lines like Hoffman Horn, Lafont and Grotesque, Eye Candy is dazzling the Pittsburgh market.
Eye Candy is a real deal boutique. What does that mean? It means that when you walk into Eye Candy you will get personalized service from start to finish. The experience will be about you and the frames. I will personally style you and outfit you with the best glasses for your face, your lenses and your lifestyle. Looking fabulous is great, but looking fabulous and seeing fabulous makes more sense to me. It's about the whole package. I will sit you down and with my experience in optics ( ten years to be exact and a certified optician for 9 of those years ) I will make sure you leave seeing and looking like a million bucks. And if that's not enough you will probably have made a new friend. Get to know your optician. Come see me and get a new look. I hope to meet you and "friend" you soon!